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"IF THEY KNEW" with Dr. Devin

Apr 17, 2023

Welcome Dr. Larry Palevsky to "If They Knew". We cover some BIG ideas and hot topics in this episode! What's The Big Idea in Pediatrics? What's the ONE THING this seasoned Holistic Pediatrician wants the world to know? We must leave the era of "they say". We must take responsibility and accountability to do our own research and make empowered choices. We must acknowledge that they biggest mis-truth has been that the source or problem for kids all comes down to an "infection". There is so much more than meets the eye when you look at and nurture from a holistic approach.

It's time to leave the days of "quick fix" and waging war on symptoms. We must observe the Innate Intelligence within our systems, within our children. We must learn to trust that intelligence and seek to harmonize with it instead of suppress it's efforts to cleanse toxicity and stress from the body.

We went long on this interview because this is such a complex arena to dive into. But it is far easier to raise and build up HEALTHY children than it will ever be to heal injured, dis-eased adults. How we view and make choices in Pediatrics becomes the future for our children and the generations to come. We hope that this episode fuels your fire & leaves you feeling hopeful for the days to come!

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