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"IF THEY KNEW" with Dr. Devin

Oct 14, 2021

So so long we've been told we are not responsible for our own health or well being. But are we really the victims of society?

Meet Dr. Jordan Fairley.

And let's chat about ways to take back our health into our own hands!

The owner of The Source Chiropractic - Oakland and COO of the Source Chiropractic Franchise & Kairos Training Culture! He is here to help connect, acknowledge and guide a path for people looking to break free from repetitive stuck patterns to a life of empowerment and greater health.


As a collegiate distance runner and survivor of a near fatal car accident Dr. Jordan loves helping people overcome a wide array of sports injuries and long standing problems; to get back to a life that brings fulfillment and joy.


Dr. Jordan loves helping people feel heard, giving people exercises and stretches to do on their own, and letting people know they don't have to resort to pills or surgery in order to heal.