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"IF THEY KNEW" with Dr. Devin

Nov 27, 2020

For Black Friday, we have a special BLACK SHEEP joining us ... Welcome Dr. Billy Demoss to IF THEY KNEW. His event California Jam was where I can first remember hearing "If they knew what we knew..." Dr. Billy is a one-of-a-kind. He boldly shares his story and his WIDE AWAKE truth. He bravely stands for what he believes in. I don't know another person like him. I hope his words give you something to think about. And, I hope his authenticity inspires you to tap into the power of your voice! ENJOY!  (Stay connected with Dr. Billy at

ps. In a world where censorship is everywhere, we understand this one pushes the envelope with controversial topics and more aggressive language. We feel that authentic unedited shares are important now more than ever. Please know this recording was created with love in hope for light ahead.