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"IF THEY KNEW" with Dr. Devin

Oct 15, 2020

Season 1. Episode 2.

IF THEY KNEW welcomes Dr. Devin's hubby and parter in love & life - Dr. Joey Vrana

This wouldn't be a PARTY without the King of FUN and Dr. Devin's favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Joey. 

In this episode, you will get to know the doctors and hear more about what Dr. Joey wishes more people knew that would be 100% guarantee to improve health and enhance happiness.

They will take you into ACTION STEPS you can get moving with TODAY!

One of the couples go-to motto's is IF YOU WANT IT, GO GET IT! - They are going to share with you how they crank up the ENERGY in living life and make time for the things that matter most.

You can also check out the video podcast on Dr. Devin's YouTube channel:

You will be hearing and seeing A LOT more from Dr. Joey in the episodes to come! If you want to the duo to talk on a certain topic, SPEAK UP! Share your feedback and requests in the COMMENTS!


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