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"IF THEY KNEW" with Dr. Devin

Oct 30, 2020

"If They Knew" with Dr. Devin 

Welcome Steve Campbell to IF THEY KNEW. Steve was a very special guest at an event (FREEDOM REVIVAL) that Dr. Devin co-hosted with KSHF & Megan Lubbers in September 2020.

You are going to LOVE Steve Campbell! He drops so many golden nuggets in this episode! I guarantee you that you will walk away with simple, actionable tools after tuning in here.

I used it as a homeschool lesson with my kids. PULL TOXINS OUT and PUT MINERALS IN. Simple. Profound. Health and life changing!!

**Make sure and go check out the Netflix documentary KISS THE GROUND**


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Connect w/ Steve:

Steve Campbell

2365 Echo Ave Parma, Idaho 83660

Focusing on soil, plant, animal and HUMAN HEALTH Tailor Made Beef (meat products) Tailor Made Cattle (consulting) 208-315-4726



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... FB/Insta: @drdevinvrana
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